The Main Hall
A very Durmstrang Welcome [all] by Tuuli Saar Aug 16, 2020 4:35:00 GMT 2
Behind a statue of the school's founder, Nerida Vulchanova, are the doors to the Main Hall. Students eat their meals here, and when it's not being used for food, the tables are cleared away and indoor physical education classes take place here.
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Behind the main hall, house-elves work tirelessly to cook for the students and staff of the school. Sneaking in here might just get you an extra treat.
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Inner Courtyard
lamb to the slaughter[All] by Viktoriya Drozd Dec 5, 2020 21:27:17 GMT 2
The center of the castle is open to the sky, revealing an inner courtyard where students can get a bit of fresh air during the day. There are benches around the edge of the courtyard, and in the warmer months, a garden in the center.
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